Bob’s Best Quips-Theme Time Hour


“We got an email from Johnny Depp from Paris, France. He wants to know: ‘Who was the father of modern communism?’ Well Johnny, Karl Marx was the father of modern communism. He also fathered seven children” (Season 1, Father)

“I’ve always believed one’s ju-ju is self-contained. Meaning, if you think you’re going to lose it, you very well might. The guys in Radiohead think they might lose their ju-ju if they left [their hometown] Oxford, and so they would. But if you think your ju-ju is secure, that you carry it with you wherever you go, you’re free to wander the world. Me? I keep my ju-ju in a jar. So no matter where I go, I can always come back to it” (Season 3, Night)

“I ran into Ellen Barkin the other day in Walgreens. I was buying socks. I didn’t know what size I was… I was just eyeballing them” (Season 1, Eyes)

“One guy that was at home in the night was Batman. He was introduced in Detective Comics number #27 by Bob Kane. I always loved Batman. The way I looked at it, you had to come from another planet to be Superman, but I could be Batman… and you know I tried” (Season 3, Night)

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