When Dylan was young and flirty

From Slate.com: Since Bob Dylan arrived in Greenwich Village in 1961, he has been playing hide and seek. When people try to figure him out he disappears, or puts on a hat and makes a funny face, or knocks over a lamp so he can’t make a break for the back door. At age 72, he’s still doing this.*

This week, Open Culture posted a radio interview from the early days of Dylan’s career, which was uploaded to YouTube last fall. It feels like a nature documentary. Here we see the young Robertus Zimmeratus for the first time in his natural habitat. In February of 1962, Dylan sat in one place long enough to record a program called Folksinger’s Choice with Cynthia Gooding. It was a year after the famous New York Times review that had “discovered” Dylan, but weeks before the release of Dylan’s eponymous first album. Gooding, 17 years his senior, was an established folk singer also from Minnesota. What takes place over the next hour is a mix of flirting and music and the emergence of all the elements of the Dylan personality: the storyteller, the thief, and the virtuoso.

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