Bob Dylan's Skipping Reels of Rhyme

Bob Dylan - Duquesne Whistle

Being still and Bob Dylan don’t go together.  He is always moving, changing, on the go, gone even before he gets there.  Many of his songs are about moving on, being unable to keep still, being on the road again, wind blowing him up and down the street, freewheeling Bob, never able to gather moss, much like a rolling stone.  But “still” as in continuous, as in rhyming Simon’s “still crazy after all these years,” is suited to Dylan much better.  His self-dubbed never ending tour gets him into places where his appearance inspires, “Is he still around, still touring, still singing, still putting out records, still performing, still singing “Blowin In The Wind”?  And the answer is yes to all—still doing what he’s been doing since he first arrived in Greenwich Village six decades ago.

Still” examined as a Dylan…

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