Review: Wigwam/Thirsty Boots


Wigwam in the suburbs

By Dave Burrows:

Part of my ageing process is regularly renewing acquaintance with pleasurable pastimes first experienced in ‘the old days’……..One of the greatest buzzes has to be opening a record sleeve, sliding out the disc, engaging needle contact and hey presto………

Playing favourite vinyl records is something I do quite often, but Record Store Day focuses the mind on the vitality of vinyl as well as the role of the lesser spotted local record store. In these troubled economic times, its a regular feature of daily life to see another shop closing or walk past a row of vacant premises.So, it it was an unexpected joy to find a new, local venture in the town where I regularly shop.On seeing it I was transported back to the late 60s/early 70s…….The Beatles’ White Album, dusted off in a high street junk shop, Freewheelin’ rescued from a rack in a shop selling TVs, the list is extensive. But to find a newly opened cafe/book/vinyl shop……..with a listening booth for vinyl……hallelujah!

The visit to my new found favourite shop was topped off, by the discovery of Wigwam/Thirsty Boots.I assumed that this would have been snaffled very early in the day,  but the location of a suburban emporium,had obviously put the enthusiasts off the scent.

So……home with the prize……Wigwam (unreleased demo) has the feel of a jaunty,warm up piece.Very relaxed in feel and nice interplay of piano/guitar.

Thirsty Boots is perfection.Previously unreleased, I was transported to Eric Anderson’s original (purchased in the late 70s for 10 pence(!) from a long since bankrupt Manchester emporium..)
Young Bob (with the Nashville Skyline/New Morning era voice tone) sounds like he’s having a fine time.Rippling piano, guitar and a spot on harmonica break with perfectly phrased vocals……..thanks Bob.

On the sleeve is confirmation of the news that has been in cyberspace for some time ‘From the forthcoming Bootleg Series Vol10’………we’re in for some treats when that hits the shops.

This vinyl gem was found in Beatnik Shop, 38 Greenwood Street, Altrincham, Greater Manchester.A 30 minute jaunt from central Manchester by Metrolink tram.


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