Why Bob Dylan is opening with ‘Things Have Changed’

Jon Friedman has an interesting article on his website about Dylan’s decision to open his gigs with ‘Things Have Changed’

Bob Dylan, as we know, is no fool.

Dylan, more than anybody else, knows what a special song “Things Have Changed” was and is — on so many levels: evocative lyrics, the sly vocal, the connection to the terrific film “Wonder Boys” and the catchy backing guitar-picking.

No wonder he has decided to open his current tour of college campuses with this great, great song. He is showing his audience a lesson: Growing old is part of life. Maybe he wants the college crowd to know how lucky it is to be young
at such an exciting time in American history, and that they have a lot to look forward to.
Funny, when Dylan toured campuses in the early 1960s, he represented the other side of the generation gap, back when the times were changing. Now, he is probably performing to their children and grandchildren.

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