20 Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Dylan

From pigeonsandplanes.com: “If you actually want to learn about Bob Dylan, you should read his interviews. Even in interviews he is often directly contradictory—which in itself reveals a lot about Dylan. But despite that, Dylan always feels like he’s true to himself. He isn’t afraid to be wrong or contradict himself or forget things, he admits to his flaws and bad habits, and he speaks his mind, even if it isn’t always in the most direct manner.

Bob Dylan is a difficult person to figure out, but the answers are spread out in interviews over 40 years. Far too many thoughts on Dylan reflect the author more than Bob, something he noted in his discussion of “Bob Dylan Scholars.” So, in order to circumvent that, here are twenty fascinating facts about Dylan that are straight from the horse’s mouth. Is there really an point in trying to out-write the world’s most outright wordsmith? I’ll let Bob speak for Bob.”

Read more?

(There’s  a mistake you may notice, Dylan went electric in 1965, not 1969!)


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