Bob Dylan-‘surprised by the genius’ of House of Earth

Woody Guthrie’s long lost novel ‘House Of Earth’ is reviewed in the

“In an engrossing introduction, written by the actor Johnny Depp and historian Douglas Brinkley, Guthrie’s novel is described as “an artefact from another era”. After the novel was uncovered, Depp showed it to Bob Dylan, a fan of Guthrie’s music since his teenage years. Dylan said he was “surprised by the genius” of the prose.

Guthrie would go on to write a quasi-fictional memoir called Bound for Glory, but House of Earth is a heartfelt story about grinding poverty. And it’s a rallying cry for building better homes. While in New Mexico, Guthrie had been transfixed by houses built with soil-straw bricks, and a pamphlet called Adobe or Sun-Dried Brick for Farm Buildings almost became his bible. He drew on memories of cheap wooden shacks beset by windblown topsoil, tumbleweed, rain and snow and plagues of termites for vivid descriptions of the houses he wanted replaced.”

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Review from The Guardian


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