Inside Llewyn Davis


Inside Llewyn Davis is a new movie by the Coen Brothers about a folk  singer in the early 60s. Wait! Is it about Bob? No apparently it isnt.

According to Joel Cohen:

“While not quite a musical, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is built around full-length performances of folk songs that were heard in the grubby cafes of the Village in a year when Bob Dylan, who kind of, sort of shows up in the movie, had just appeared on the scene.

As for plot, Mr. Coen said, there isn’t quite as much as is usual for the brothers, who in the past have written and directed elaborate crime stories like “Fargo” and “No Country for Old Men.” This time they present the travails, over
maybe two weeks, of a struggling folk singer, Llewyn Davis, who is portrayed by oscar Isaac.

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