Ginsberg/Dylan release

From “In 1983, a 2 LP set by “beat poet” Allen Ginsberg was released thanks to legendary producer and talent scout John Hammond. “First Blues” was distributed by Hammond on a specially created label after allegedly having difficulties negotiating with CBS/Columbia Records. The album was later issued on CD on February 21, 2006, on Water Records.

The album is now being rereleased on CD and vinyl through Ginsberg Recordings (a collaboration of Ginsberg’s Estate and Esther Creative Group), and there will be a celebration at Housing Works Cafe, 126 Crosby Street, in Soho, New York, Wednesday evening at 7 p.m.

Searching For A Gem adds:

Bob (Dylan) contributes vocals and plays guitar, piano and organ on three tracks, recorded New York, 17 Nov 1971.

Dylan played on the following tracks:

“Going To San Diego” (Allen Ginsberg) – this song is copyrighted to Allen Ginsberg even though Ginsberg publicly credited Bob with the musical arrangement.
“Jimmy Berman Rag” (Allen Ginsberg/Bob Dylan)
“Vomit Express” (Allen Ginsberg/Bob Dylan)”

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