Sony issue Bob Dylan 4 CD Set to Combat European copyright

From NY Times: “In an unusual response to provisions in a new European copyright law, scheduled to take effect by 2014, Sony Music has released a compilation of early Bob Dylan recordings that is bound to become one of his most collectible albums. “The 50th Anniversary Collection,” which carries a subtitle — “The Copyright Extension Collection, Vol. 1” — that explains its purpose, was rushed to only a handful of record shops in Germany, France, Sweden and Britain just after Christmas.

Sony Music has released a new compilation of previously unreleased Bob Dylan studio outtakes and live recordings from 1962 and 1963. It also comes as a downloadable version, available through the singers’s Web site,, but only to fans who log on from France or Germany. (Prices for the CD set vary from country to country, from the equivalent of $39 to, in Britain, $138)

American collectors are locked out, although for those desperate to have an original CD set, several have made their way to eBay, where bids have gone as high as about $1,450. (For collectors who want the recordings, but who don’t care about having one of the 100 original CDs, the set has been turning up on file-sharing sites.)”

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