Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone is a show about Bob Dylan starring Peter Landecker, Guy Davis and Betty Soo.

Long Time Gone, a theatrical biography, tells the story of one of the most intriguing and influential figures ever, entirely through his words and music. At intimate & historic, Lyric Hall (New Haven Connecticut) blues master Guy Davis & acclaimed singer-songwriter, BettySoo will perform the songs in personal interpretations. Between the songs, Peter Landecker as Dylan speaks to the audience & re-creates interviews, one in each act.

The story is of a kid who leaves home in Minnesota at 18 and is worldwide star by the age of 21, whose songs define the times during enormous social change. No sooner, he upturns all the norms of popular music giving us incandescent poetry in song. His fresh take on everything is ahead of his time. Act One ends with “Like a Rolling Stone”.

Act Two reveals Dylan wanting no part of being spokesman of a generation, he speaks of family life and influences. The songs are country & reflect a man in love. A dream sequence becomes “All Along the Watchtower”. The heartbreak songs lead to redemption & the act two interview delves into spirituality but he says it’s the songs nourish him. “Forever Young” leads to a verse from the title song performed in act one.
He’s singing to his Ma, “I’m a long time comin’ and I’ll be a long time gone.”


Performances 8PM Januury18 – February10, 2013
Lyric Hall, 827 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT.
Jan 18 – Benefit Preview for Neighborhood Music School Jan 19 – Benefit Preview for Jamie Hulley Arts Fund
Jan. 23 – Benefit Preview for Habitat for Humanity
Jan. 24 – Opening Night Benefit for Lyric Hall with reception
Performances Thurs-Sun Jan 25,26,27,31, Feb.1,2,3,7,8,9,10
Tickets $35. students, seniors, $25. (not for benefit previews & opening night, must bring photo id), Opening Night Jan. 24, $45.
purchase online at http://www.lyrichallnewhaven

From Peter Landecker


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