Review of Toronto gig November 14th

Here’s an interesting review from of Bob Dylan’s gig in Toronto on November 14.

The first song in a contemporary Dylan set is usually a vocal warm-up and often insubstantial. “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” proved no exception. For the past couple years, the highlight has been the third song, “Things Have Changed,” during which Bob shows off his dance moves (a duck walk, an Elvis-inspired flare of the leg) centre stage, as if he wants to make up for vocal losses with soft-shoe hilarity. A yell-heavy but effective rendering proved that Dylan planned on delivering in his first show in Toronto since 2006.

With guest Mark Knopfler adding all the right licks, Dylan was enthusiastic enough to extemporize a few lines. After, “I thought I saw something move,” he added a jokey, “What could it be?” And after “Put it in a wheelbarrow,” a goading, “And then what?” Having established that he indeed still had something to offer, he strutted over to the grand piano to pound out some loud discordant mischief.

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