Christy Moore plays I Pity The Poor Immigrant

A week after sharing his thoughts on Bob Dylan with Visions of Dylan, Irish singer/songwriter Christy Moore embarked on a series of concerts in England and Scotland.

Following a rapturously received debut in York, Christy and guitar player supremo, Declan Sinnott headed to The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. Followers of Christy’s illustrious career will know that Manchester has been of great significance to him at many points since the mid 1960s. As he took to the stage of a major concert hall, a short walk from the site of the legendary Free Trade Hall, those of us of a certain vintage looked back to Christy’s early days in the city, whilst celebrating his endurance and pure genius as an interpreter of ballads.

Several songs into a concert full of highlights, a reflective Christy said that he would be playing some songs that hadn’t been aired for ages…..’They’re in my head and I’m going to sing
them anyway………’ A quiet introduction of strummed chords……’This song was written by Judas himself’……..and we were treated to Dylan’s classic ‘I Pity The Poor Immigrant’. Any account of this version has to be an understatement……it was spinetingling and absolute perfection.

Declan Sinnott’s subtle, slide electric guitar perfectly complemented Christy’s delivery. Every nuance of Dylan’s writing was revealed verse by verse……a magnificent illustration of Christy’s working methods when interpreting Dylan songs,as he mentioned in the earlier VOD interview.

Throughout the concert, Christy mused on Mancunian people and places integral to his success. Not that he would ever consider himself a success….way too modest to think in such terms……Heartfelt thanks were also extended to people in the city’s music circles who ‘gave me a start when I didn’t have an arse in me trousers’……

Chatting after the show, Christy was pleased at the reception he had received and the energy of the performance.As for accepting praise for his immaculate performance of the Dylan
song, he quickly shrugged it off, being happier to deflect credit to the author as he smiled and said ‘What A song, what A song…”

By David Burrows


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