Bob Dylan plays Delia, Every Grain of Sand in Las Vegas

Interesting article from the which covers Dylan’s Las Vegas gig-Mark Knopfler guested and Dylan played Delia for the first time in twelve years!

Also an account of how actress Katey Sagal got fired by Dylan as a singer when he was preparing his 1978 tour.

On October 24, actress and sometime-singer Katey Sagal (“Married With Children,” “Futurama,” “Sons Of Anarchy”) recalled her two months rehearsing as a backing singer for Dylan’s 1978 tour, during an interview on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show.

When Sagal was 19, she was in a band with a couple of other women. One hung out with Dylan, and he asked her to show up at a rehearsal and bring more singers. Sagal was invited, went along, and was hired without even auditioning. The only song she remembered rehearsing was “Just Like A Woman.”

She felt Dylan was eccentric but a genius, and felt intimidated. She grew up among celebrities and was not normally star struck, but she did feel that way around Dylan, telling Stern, “I could barely speak to the dude.”

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Info: David Burrows


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