Bob Dylan-The Playboy Interviews

You can read extracts of Bob Dylan: The Playboy Interviews on kindle for free or buy if you like.

In this sample (from 1965) Bob tells Playboy about switching to having a band.

“I was singing words I didnt really want to sing.I dont mean words like “God” and “mother” and “President” and “suicide” and “meat cleaver” I mean simple little words like ‘”if” and “hope” and “you.” But Like A Rolling Stone changed it all. I didn’t care anymore after that about writing books of poems or whatever. I mean it was something I myself could dig.

It’s very tiring having other people tell you how much they dig you if you yourself dont dig you. It’s also very deadly entertainmentwise. Contrary to what some scary people think, I dont play with a band now for any kind of propaganda-type or commercial-type reasons. It’s just that my songs are pictures and the band makes the sound of the pictures.”  

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  1. I followed Dylan all of my life. I can’t respect him as an artist,any longer. Find out the reason on my blog/

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