Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler

As Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler begin the first dates of the North American leg of their tour, Knopfler told the English Independent how he fits Bob Dylan in around school runs.

Dylan and Knopfler’s relationship goes back to the late seventies, Said Knopfler about his friendship with Dylan,

“We’re doing 75 minutes each, then I’ve got time to get back on and play with Bob for a few songs. We had fun in Europe, the bands get on great and the crews get on great.

“I see Bob every day on tour. His soundcheck goes into mine, so we’ll have a little chat about what songs I’m going to do. It’s nice, because we go back aways. The first tour we did in America [in 1979], Bob came to see us in Los Angeles.”

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  1. David Burrows

    Great article,Mary and it jogged my memory to visit MK’s website and join his mailing list! MK’s band is an interesting bunch, too.


    Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 16:18:59 +0000 To:

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