Review of Tempest

Here’s an interesting review of Tempest by The Atlantic: Bob Dylan’s Astonishing Latter Day


“Tempest has been called a dark record, and at time it surely is that, but music born from such invention and life can’t help but glow. “I’ll drink my fill / and sleep alone / I pay in blood / but not my own,” Dylan sings on the Zevon-esque “Pay In Blood,” and on paper it’s a hellishly bleak remark. But rock and roll, bless it, doesn’t exist on paper, and the driving rhythm section and chiming guitars conspire to lend a young and mischievous swagger. The album’s most buzzed-over composition might be its title track, a 14-minute-long epic about the Titanic replete with a reference to Leonardo DiCaprio (“I don’t think the song would be the same without him. Or the movie,” remarked Dylan to an interviewer). It’s a hypnotically weird piece of music, pulsing with sadness but also a sly and dry humor, as though the song itself is ever so slightly amused at its own existence.”

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