Uncut’s alternative review of Tempest

Uncut magazine has written an alternative review of Bob Dylan’s Tempest.

UNCUT :  ‘God knows we’ve probably written enough about “Tempest” by now (not least these two terrific pieces by my colleagues Allan Jones and John Robinson). Nevertheless, part of Bob Dylan’s enduring appeal is his capacity for provocation: the sense that he tacitly encourages people to at least try and unpick his records, fathom his mysteries. Our almost certain failure is part of the game, for him as well as for us.
“Tempest” already has a cult of exegesis surrounding it, fed by documents like Scott Warmuth’s brilliant “Tempest Commonplace”, that digs up antecedents in Juvenal and “Escape From Fort Bravo” among many other places…’

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Info:David Burrows


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