Thea Gilmore’s John Wesley Harding

I liked this CD cover version of the late sixties (1967) album by Dylan. Apparently Thea Gilmore thinks that John Wesley Harding is Dylan’s “most sustained, satisfying record… It runs beautifully from start to finish, songs bounce off each other, characters seem unfathomably but implicitly linked, and the sense of earthiness and economy in Bob’s lyrics is startling.”

So, what’s the verdict? It started well, with a definite feeling to me of a soundtrack extravaganza, especially on the first few songs. Then to me it kind of drifted off and was a bit repetitious in delivery and tone. However by the end I was sold again on Thea’s lush voice, particularly on I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight. Highlights-John Wesley Harding, As I Went Out One Morning, I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine and the aforementioned I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight.  The CD comes with an array of cards, including vintage Butch Cassidy and gang, Hank Williams and Native American chief Sitting Bull, with lyrics printed on the back. It’s nicely packaged!



  1. Anonymous

    Have you seen this harsh but funny Dylan blogpost on his grandson?

  2. Thanks for adding this, I’ve just put up a post about Pablo 🙂

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