Irish journalist John Waters-If Dylan can make it to 70, then growing old leaves us nothing to fear.

Irish journalist John Waters has an interesting piece in yesterday’s  Mail on Sunday, about Bob Dylan and growing old. The main theme in the article is how Dylan was progressed and who or what he actually was and who or what he was mistaken for, by the media and fans.

Some quotes:

“For me it’s got to do with the natural cycle. When you’re young you’re over come with everything and you just blurt things out. This ‘blurting’ is what transfixes the world, in music as in most other things. As you grow older you start to process and work out a unique view. That’s the real beauty of an artist like Dylan: that you can follow an intelligent line of thinking right through a life…But the thing I really appreciate Dylan for is that he declines to keep repeating himself to stay popular.”

“Dylan felt no necessity to present himself as ‘progressive’, ‘radical’ or ‘left-leaning’. Instead he saw himself working in a traditional idiom and recreating it in a modern context.”

“The cliche is that pop and rock n’roll ‘changed the world, but maybe the world changes itself and the music is just the soundtrack. Dylan’s songs about public life are ‘important’ in the same way his songs about love are: both have him standing or sitting there, observing everything, the world or himself.” 

“Perhaps music is not revolutionary, but only appears to be because it represents a kind of prophecy, ‘seeing’ things before they happen rather than actually making them happen.” (John Waters)



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