Happy Birthday, Bob!

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a  ladder to the st
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.
Bob’s Chinese sign Gemini Snake——————————————————————————————————————————-

A paradoxical character is the Gemini/Snake. If he can get a good grip on the specialness that is his natural endowment from birth, this person is qualified for true greatness. The Gemini/Snake is a thinker. Imagine the lucky combination of reflection and intuition! The marriage of the two signs is fortuitous indeed.

But this heady mixture of influences is a veritable minefield of pitfalls as well. People born in
Gemini/Snake are sitting ducks for both Byzantine self-delusion and rank laziness. Every single day of their lives these people must bite the bullet and grit their teeth just to get out of bed in the morning. Invertebrate inertia fueled by an oddly sunny despair, pushes Gemini/Snakes earthward and very often just won’t let up.

Maybe this yellow jaundice of the spirit comes from too much intuitive knowledge of the perils and
disappointments each Gemini/Snake sees ahead. It is as if this person sensed how deeply he affects the world when he really tries for that reason simply desists before he begins. It’s inevitable that this combination of signs give us a performing Snake, the actor or actress with the overdeveloped brain, the show business personality with weighty intellectual baggage, the irresistibly cheery political figure with heartbreak written across his smile.
The Gemini/Snake’s hereditary dice are loaded.

So the Gemini/Snake suffers from excessive foresight. Before anything happens to him, he knows it’s about to occur. While it’s happening, he’s relatively excited about it. But when it’s over, he’s convinced that maybe it wasn’t worth the trouble and it might have been more fun to go on vacation instead.

Gemini/Snakes have to discipline themselves to engage in far-reaching and complex pursuits. They must always bite off more than it seems they can chew. The Gemini/Snake needs not only challenge, but he needs to develop an inner bulldozer to push him into things, encourage him to slither along and accept the cheers and notoriety that are his natural rewards—as well as his nemesis. Oh, it’s complicated to be a Gemini/Snake.

Like every self-respecting Snake, this person loves to be rich. Money and the gathering of it can be a
driving force in the Gemini/Snake’s life. Trouble is, he is too smart to be too rich. Though he may enjoy
opulence and be the most comfortable in silken sheets, the Gemini/Snake finds the touch of the shekel distasteful and will seek ways to avoid it.

When I think of Gemini/Snake, an image of a lovely furry caterpillar creeps into my mind’s eye. The pace is the same, to be sure—as is the promise. When you see a caterpillar, you know there will one day be a butterfly, ephemeral perhaps but so glorious and so fantastic that it’s beauty leaves an indelible mark on your life. Temporary permanence is the personification of the paradoxical Gemini/Snake.

This person will surely be fragile of health and testy to live with. There’s so much going on inside this creature that frequently he cannot be bothered seeing to day-to-day material necessities. He wants to use his mind to soar off in twenty mental directions at once, to invent some new philosophy, to change the world, to inspire his fellow man. Why do you persist in asking in asking him to scrub the floor when you know full well that he cannot, does not, and will not ever care one way or the other if that stupid floor gets itself scrubbed or not?
The Gemini/Snake is above all. Really.

The bright witty company of Gemini/Snakes gives us all great pleasure. These subjects are never boring. Their agile minds follow every train of thought and dart from flower to flower doing justice to each and every one. You can talk to this fellow for hours, jabber, chat and hash and rehash till you come up with a whole new way of looking at something. Gemini/Snakes are inspiring and thoughtful of others. They are persuasive, seductive and remarkable in every way. If this person can begin a task, conquer his latent sloth, and dive into a real personal project, he will  always be a natural winner. Nose to the grindstone and one eye in the cleanest, most truthful mirror available—then onward and forever upward he will fly.


First of all, everybody falls in love with Gemini/Snakes. They are usually beautiful to look at. They smell nice and have pretty, fragile, tempting natures. They are intelligent and funny and compassionate. Yes, everybody loves a Gemini/Snake.

For a Gemini/Snake himself, this general acclaim and adulation causes no tiny amount of emotional disturbance. Just as those around him are tumbling at his feet, he is likewise attracted too. Gemini/Snakes tend to promiscuity—and it isn’t even their own fault. Who could resist all those fawning fans? Not I.

As a life partner the Gemini/Snake requires a patient understanding soulmate. This person cannot interact with clumsy or incompetent companions. Solemnity and gloom are also out of the question. Gemini/Snakes have enough trouble getting out of their pajamas and into the car without having to assist someone else in doing likewise.
Gemini/Snakes can inspire others. But they will not force-feed them.

The prizes that fall as though by magic into the hands of Gemini/Snakes will be shared and showered on their mates as well. The Gemini/Snake needs love from one reliable and respectable person on whom he can count and whom he trusts forevermore. If you can provide this sort of unflinching adoration and will yourself promise perfect exclusivity, the Gemini/Snake can make you very, very happy. But if you feel you can be shaken by infidelity, or that you might envy or compete with this character, stay away. You’ll only get hurt.
The Gemini/Snake rules.


You will automatically be drawn to Aries and Aquarius, both Roosters and Oxen. Leo/Dragons and Oxen please you, too, and so do Libra/Dogs and their Ox brothers and sisters. You are not really suited to Virgo, especially Tigers and Pigs. Nor will you find happiness with Sagittarius/Tigers or Pigs or Pisces/Tigers or their Monkey counterparts. Take my advise. Steer clear of Scorpios, especially the Tigerish kind. (oh, dear)


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