Dylan at Grammys

Pic via Chris Woods (thanks Chris!)



  1. What a delight Bob Dylan’s performance at the recent Grammys! He was in rare form, doing a great Jolson and groovin’ with the young folkie-punk sidekicks jamming energetically behind him. “Maggie’s Farm” was a perfect song choice as the corporate record farm gives way to the broader, more inclusive independent music movement. Again, Dylan swaggerd and introduces us to the “new”, just as he did 46 years ago when he played “Maggie’s Farm” while brandishing an electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival. His shining progeny are a great sight to behold. Alas, a circle has been drawn. Long live the King!

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  3. Ok, I admit it, the “Long live the King” remark was a bit over the top. I hope it didn’t kill the discussion regarding Dylan’s Grammy performance, because I would enjoy hearing what others thought of his historic appearance that night.

  4. Hi Thomas, personally I didnt see the Grammys, but keep the comments coming, I really appreciate them 🙂

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