New Bob Dylan Exhibition in London

Dylan’s first exhibition of work on canvas will open in the Halcyon Gallery in London on Feb 6th.

His paintings are really colourful in a style obviously influenced by Mattise and fauvism, (no 60s psychedelica at all ). I definitely am a fan of this style, it’s particularly charming and quite life affirming. Didn’t Dylan run into someone in Greenwich Village in the early sixties, and say “Let’s leave this folk music behind and go off an be painters.” (Or something like that)

Bob Dylan : “I just draw what’s interesting to me, and then I paint it. Rows of houses, orchard acres, lines of tree trunks, could be anything. I can take a bowl of fruit and turn it into a life and death drama. Women are power figures, so I depict them that way.  I can find people to paint in mobile home communities. I could paint bourgeois people too.

I’m not trying to make social comment or fulfil somebody’s vision and I can find subject matter anywhere. I guess in some way that comes out of the folk world that I came up in.”

N.B. There is some confusion whether this exhibition starts on Feb 6th or later in the month.

More info-Halcyon Gallery

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