Van denies fathering child & Dylan related gaff

Worldwide report that Van Morrison had fathered a child with his “American manager” have been denied by the singer. Apparently the news was posted on his website, without his knowledge. Van is actually married to Michelle Rocca, with whom he has two children.

RTE News (Ireland) reported the story tonight, with the Dylan-related ending. They announced, “The whole episode can by summed up by the words of one of HIS songs.” And they played “It’s All Over Baby, Blue.” Admittedly Van was singing it, but everyone knows Bob Dylan wrote the song. It’s one of his signature tunes!!!

Van Morrison website



  1. Van Morrison singing “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”, I’ve got to check that out. Van is the man when it comes revealing the great mystical power of a true old gem. “All your seasick sailors, are all rowing home….”

  2. He sings it very well. It does sound like his own song!

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