New painting of Dylan

Here’s a pretty nice painting of Bob Dylan from Stuart Hampton in Manchester, England. Send in ur comments about what you think!



  1. Very intriguing painting. Wonderful rendering of the young bard circa ’65/’66, with the legendary Highway 61 trailing off in the distance toward that old slow train a-comin’. The butterfly, dove and halo hint, are very apt as well and the colorful flower power is groovy, especially above Dylan’s head. Hopefully, Columbia Records will use this for any forthcoming Bob Dylan compilatons or as a CD booklet addition. I look forward to seeing other work by this painter.

  2. Thanks for ur fab response, Thomas. That’s nice as u are a gallery owner, wonder will Columbia Records pick up on it??

  3. Jacques Mees

    I love this painting, it’s a masterpiece.
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  4. Anonymous

    Stuart is quite an accomplished artist-check out more of his work on

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