Is Bob replacing Bing as “Father Xmas?”

The debate goes on about Bob Dylan’s latest CD-

I dreamed I saw St. Nicholas



  1. A very astute take on Bob Dylan’s Christmas album, with some scholarly historical references and connections. Dylan is a master at interpreting songs and conveying the magical atmosphere in which a song floats. “Christmas in the Heart” is a comfortable companion to Bob’s “Good As I’ve Been To You” and “World Gone Wrong”. The Alan Lomax comparison is interesting and somewhat apt.

  2. I agree Bob is a great interpreter of songs. On a different note I(no pun intended!)his version of Royal Canal (The Aul’ Triangle) is stunning.

  3. I wasn’t aware of the song, “The Aul’ Triangle”. It certainly has an interesting history and I am now curious to hear the versions done by Bert Jansch, Ian & Sylvia and Eric Burdon. I wonder what Dylan’s source was for the song, perhaps Liam Clancy or something he learned during the “Don’t Look Back” tour. One thing is sure, traditional Irish songs and ballads did provide an inspirational catalyst for some of Bob Dylan’s early compositions. Also, Liam Clancy appears to have been a mentor, of sorts, for the young Bob Dylan.

    On the subject of Irish songs, I do enjoy Dylan’s interpretation of “Arthur McBride”, though I prefer Paul Brady’s version.

  4. Bob doesnt do a bad version of Arthur McBride, I like it a lot. The Aul Triangle was written by Brendan Behan and almost certainly Bob heard it from The Clancys.

  5. Research for cancer supported by Bob Dylan:

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