Bob Dylan and Joan Baez-She Belongs To Me


Here’s something interesting that David Crosby said about Bob and Joan’s relationship:

“David Crosby said he wasn’t sure of Baez’s feelings for Dylan (she said, of course, she was crazy about him – “speaking strictly for me, we both could have died then and there”), but he knew Dylan was crazy about her – worth contemplating given the emotionally constricted public pose Dylan has affected throughout his life.”

Extract from: The Great Joan Baez-Bob Dylan Love Affair


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  1. David Crosby, now there’s a crazy poser. Dylan and Baez, what a folkie fairytale it was, they were perfect for the time, but as Danny O’Keefe heartbreakingly sang, “no one stays perfect too long”. Glad to hear Bob and Joan are still friends and for me, that line, “for Halloween buy her a trumpet and for Christmas give her a big drum.” still brings a somewhat puzzled smile.

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