When Michael Jackson almost sang with Bob Dylan

In June 2006 Bob Dylan did a gig in Kilkenny, Ireland. Michael Jackson had just flown in to begin what was to be a five month stay in Ireland. The media announced that Jackson was to sing with Bob on stage in Kilkenny. It never actually happened!

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  1. chris hockenhull

    Am I mistaken or was there a rumour that they did actually perform together in 1986. I heard that whilst Dylan was touring Australia with Tom Petty, they met up in a hotel bar lounge in the small hours and an impromptu version of ‘I Left My Heart In San Fransisco’ (with Dylan on piano) was performed.

    Where did I hear this I can’t remember.

    Anyone shed light on this one???

  2. John

    Lets hope there’s no truth to this.

  3. The day of the Kilkenny gig the media seemed pretty sure that Michael Jackson was going to be on stage with his ‘hero’ Bob Dylan. People were half-expecting him to be there…

  4. Darkness Falls

    I wonder what song the two would have done together had it transpired.
    I’m guessing “I Shall Be Released,” since that’s the song EVERYONE duets
    with Bob.

  5. GB

    Weren’t they both at the we are the world sessions?

  6. who cares

    i thought i read somewhere that they sang happy birthday together for elizabeth taylor at her b’day party

  7. SC58

    1976 both Bob and Mike were in Chicago in late November.
    This is when the city puts up and lights the Christmas Tree.
    (Officially beginning the Holiday Season) –
    On November 29 at approximately 11:37 PM – C.S.T.
    Bob and Mike arrived together in a Silver 67 T-Bird with suicide doors and began to perform a duet, encouraging a sing along.
    Starting with Frosty The Snowman into Hark the Herald Angels Sing –
    Silver Bells – Puff the Magic Dragon – Rudolph the Rednose -Jingle Bells-
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Blowin in the Snow – Mary had a Little Lamb –
    Jimmy Crack Corn. Within an hour one million people flooded the streets of Downtown Chicago – At 12:32 Muddy Waters – Willie Dixon and
    Howlin Wolf arrived. This show is known as the greatest show that no one knows about – It was unreal when they whipped into Little Red Rooster –
    Crawling King Snake – I Ain’t Superstitious – Rolling and Tumbling – The list goes on and on and on . By 6am in the morning both the Beatles and Stones were there. Words cannot explain the energy, this would be like explaining color to a blind man. They finished up with My Kind of Town- Chicago Chicago and closed with Silent Night .
    I’ll never forget that November Night in 1976.

  8. Frank

    What we’re you taking? U forgot Jimi and Janus there too! Lol

  9. victor

    Well since Michael Jackson ownes the royalties of Dylans music I guess he would have known lots of songs to sing with Dylan and making a lot of money on it on the way.

  10. SC58

    Not much he can do with the money now vic.

  11. Anonymous

    doesnt he own the beatles not dylans

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