2012: An Apocalyptic Inquiry

Apocalyptic InquiryThanks to Giovanni Fabiani:

“I wish to alert you and your readers to a new Bob Dylan book. It’s called: 2012 Questions: An Apocalyptic Inquiry.

Through questions based on Dylan lyrics, the reader is taken on a personal journey of self discovery. It can be found on Amazon

Info on the book-

On December 21, 2012, the Aztec Long Count ends. A great galactic alignment occurs. Is it the end times or a new beginning? Prophecy or myth, how can you know? Is looking back in history to one of the great prophets or sages the answer? Alternatively, do the answers reveal themselves by looking inward, here and now? Inside are 2,012 questions. They are simple, odd, evocative, and provocative. Your quest is to answer them and see what arises in yourself. You are about to go on a pilgrimage of self-discovery. Who is your guide? Bob Dylan. Contemporary singer-songwriter, visionary poet, lyrical bard, verbal rebel, social critic, iconoclast, recorder of the heart, stimulator of the mind, seer of the soul, Bob Dylan’s penetrating songs are the gateway for this journey. Using Dylan’s lyrics, the author Giovanni Fabiani, charts a path and provides the key for your self-discovery. Is it End Times or a New Beginning?



  1. Thanks for the information! Bob Dylan and 2012, it is a perfect mix for me.

  2. Indian Time is coming……

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