The Road To Woodstock


Two of the most revolutionary acts of the sixties did not play Woodstock-namely The Doors and Bob Dylan. A new book by Woodstock producer Michael Lang “The Road to Woodstock: The Stories Behind Rock History” tells how he tried to get Dylan to play the festival but was unsuccessful. The book is out on June 30th 09.

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  1. Hattie Carroll

    Dylan himself said some very interesting things about how Woodstock had become in many ways a major trap for himself and his family at their home, where far too many continually invaded their space and privacy seeking far too much from him – just a single person and not a prophet (or, as he put it during that 1965 press conference organized by Ralph Gleason, just a “song and dance man.” Thankfully, Mr. Lang and everyone else in that scene really worked hard to make sure that the Woodstock Festival stayed close to the better angels of our natures – can’t wait to see Ang Lee’s film of this time in history, TAKING WOODSTOCK (story of a guy named Elliot Tiber who had the crucial permit in Bethel that saved the ’69 festival from near-disaster in nearby Wallkill . . . great times ahead!

  2. It must have been harrowing for Dylan at the time, living in Woodstock where he went for some creative peace and family space. Thanks for the info on the Ang Lee film, that should be good!

  3. rc

    …I’m a thousand miles away, from that helicopter day, and I don’t think I’ll be going back that way…

  4. Joni Mitchell wasn’t at Woodstock either. She did, however, write it’s anthem, which CSN&Y subsequently covered. You didn’t have to actually be at Woodstock, to be considered part of Woodstock Nation and that is still true today.As George Harrison once said, “It’s all in the mind.”

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