Bands at Dylan Fest 09

The Phantom Engineers are among the bands celebrating Bob Dylan at Dylan Fest 09 from July 2nd- July 5th in Moville, Donegal.

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  1. Stuck Inside of Moville – The DylanFest on the Lough

    Come Gather Round People

    Moville, Co. Donegal is abuzz with excitement as it awaits the 3rd coming of Ireland’s only annual festival of Bob Dylan music which will take place from July 2nd to 5th. Moville is on the shores of Lough Foyle, surrounded by countryside, 18 miles up the road from Derry.

    Said organiser Gerry McLaughlin, “The first two years were highly successful and local restaurants and pubs broke all time records for takings during those two weekends. One restaurant / bar, the Town Clock, trebled their normal takings on the Saturday of the first year and quadrupled the normal Friday takings. Another ran out of gas for their beer and another ran out of their main selling lager. Two more, Rosatos and Rawdons had their best ever Saturday takings. Local hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and self catering were full to the brim with visitors which provided a good boost to the economy of the small loughside holiday town”.

    The local hostel was filled to the seams too for the weekend and Seamus Canavan ,the owner, said that “I haven’t seen so many tents since Geronimo was in his prime”.

    The Pubs

    This year, there will be music all weekend in four pubs in the town, Rosatos, Town Clock, Rawdons and Maguires. There will also be an unplugged session in the picturesque grounds of the hostel attached to Gulladuff House, which is the oldest continuously inhabited house in Moville, which contains four streams running through it as well as the oldest bridge in Ireland which dates from the 6th century and was reputed to have been built by St. Patrick.

    Also added this year is a session in Moville’s scenic Shore Green area at the new Putting Green Cafe which will include a Dylan Table Quiz. This will take place on both the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday afternoon (Summer Days 1 and 2) which will bring Bob Dylan music to a family audience in a fantastic setting overlooking the magnificent Lough Foyle. Said Cafe owner, local actress and drama teacher, Movania Parkinson, “we are delighted to be able to be a part of what has been a highly successful festival and to put on some entertainment of our own. With the view over Lough Foyle it should be a magnificent backdrop to listen to the music of perhaps the greatest songwriter of the 20th century. We want to really put on a show for the DylanFest guests”.

    Gather Round

    The festival will start in Rosatos restaurant / bar on the Thursday Night, which has been labeled Come Gather Round People night. The highly popular Steph Buhe will be coming over from France again for his 3rd DylanFest on the Lough and will start off proceedings. Last year this was a fantastic night as most of the musicians who would play the festival were there and took it in turn, after Steph finished, to take turns at playing their favourite Bob Dylan songs to a very receptive audience.

    There is a festival licence from the Thursday through to the Sunday so the music will go on until 2:30am, so there should be plenty of time for anyone who wants to play a song to get chance to play.

    On Friday night, Like a Rolling Stone night, there will be Dylan acts on in all four pubs involved in the festival. Included in this will be Nadia Lowe, who played the Manchester DylanFest, name Acousticfest, last year and sang a very well received reggae version of All Along the Watchtower. She will be returning from a tour of Trinidad to play the festival.

    Summer Days

    On the Saturday, as well as the Sumer Days gig in the afternoon (let’s hope we don’t have to re-title it Blowin’ In the Wind or Shelter from the Storm or even Hurricane) there will also be the gig in the grounds of Gulladuff Hostel in the early evening (Forever Young evening).

    Saturday night, Stuck Inside of Moville night, is the main night of the festival and again there will be Dylan music in all four pubs involved.

    At some point during the festival the organisers are hoping to schedule a talk on the Irish Influences on Bob Dylan’s music. It seems that when Bob Dylan first came to New York’s Greenwich Village, the Clancy Brothers (and especially Liam) took him under their wing and he used to go and regularly watch them play. Indeed one of Dylan’s songs uses a traditional Irish tune that he learned from the Clancy Brothers. This is likely to be either scheduled at the afternoon or early evening outdoor gigs on the Saturday.

    It all finishes up on Sunday night, No Direction Home night, at the farewell gigs, which end with Open Mics to give everyone a chance to sing a Dylan song, if they can, before they depart for home.

    And, best of all, it’s all free.

    For further information and accommodation see

    DylanFest 2nd-5thofJuly 2009

    Steph Buhe – has played both the other DylanFests. From France and a bit of a personality about the place. Has played the Friday night at Rawdons both years.

    Paddy the Shoe and one other – Moville’s top musician, he has played both DylanFests.

    Brendan & Marian Play the Dublin circuit including the Cobblestone and Whelans.

    Nadia Lowe – Played the Manchester DylanFest last year. Has a great voice

    Teraways – Four piece family band who played both the other DylanFests. Will support Steph Buhe and play the Open Mics.

    Mickey the Hat – Played the Manchester DylanFest and played at the Moville DylanFest last year. Will play the Open Mics.

    Come Gather Round People (July 2nd)

    Rosato’s – Steph Buhe & Open Mic – 10pm – late

    Like a Rolling Stone (July 3rd)

    Rosato’s – Justin Black – 10pm – late
    Rawdons – Steph Buhe – 10pm – late
    Town Clock – Nadia Lowe – 10pm – late
    Maguire’s – Live Music – 10pm – Late

    Summer Days (July 4th)

    Putting Green Cafe – 1pm – 3pm – Dylan in the Park
    Putting Green Cafe – 3pm – 4pm – Dylan Table Quiz
    Gulladuff Hostel – 5pm – 8pm – Steph Buhe & Open Mic

    Stuck Inside of Moville (July 4th)

    Rosato’s – Paddy the Shoe – 10:30pm – late
    Town Clock – Marian and Brendan – 10:30 – late
    Maguire’s – Dylan DJ – 10pm – late
    Rawdons – Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid – 10:30 – late

    No Direction Home (July 5th)

    Putting Green – 1pm – 4pm – Music in the Park
    Rawdons – Open Mic – 7pm – Late
    Rosato’s – Steph Buhe – 10pm – Late
    Maguire’s – Dylan Karaoke – 10pm – Late


    Gerry McLaughlin
    074 93 82973

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