John Lennon’s parody of Bob Dylan



  1. Mike from Fresno

    I love John Lennon but this side of him is just pathetic. He was just jealous that Bob had a top ten hit.

  2. Jesse from Canada

    To Mike from Fresno: Mike, don’t you know immitation is a form of flattery? This is just John tipping his hat to Bob, using his well-known sense of humor. Bob would have loved it. The only thing that’s pathetic is that you don’t get it.

  3. Mick Kennedy

    Have to agree that it’s pathetic, anybody could easily parody Dylan’s style, it’s no accomplishment, you can parody Elvis, you can parody Roy Orbison, you can parody Tom Waits… what’s the point? Nine out of ten times it’s witless and puerile… Lennon always had his character armor on, keeping himself guarded from the type of cynicism he always indulged in. In truth, Lennon had no balls. Good songwriter tho’

  4. anonymous

    Love that clever Brit ballsey humour.
    good on John Lennon!

    Bob Marley was asked, his favorite song.
    he said “All you need is Love” by the Beatles

    John saw right thru Dylan. his make-up is his mimic,
    the Man has elusive Stars. it’s understandable.

    it’s all good. we are well designed by our Maker.

  5. Dr Jimmy

    Pretty damn funny. Lennon had a great sense of humor. Zimmy (and apparently his fans) not so much…

  6. Paul Ramon

    It’s a vicious wit, applied in parody and some envy and love and affection and fun. And well done.

  7. It’s weird. It started out as a parody but ended with a sort of empathy. At the end, when he’s going on about Dylan always touring, he understands what he’s going through. It’s kind of touching actually. Better than his Serve Yourself one. One thing though, he always brings up a mother image in these send ups. That’s been his theme from at least 1968, and he projects it onto Dylan. Like I said, weird.

  8. Pat Shuff

    All those tired horses in the sun are rested, frisky, prancing,
    ready to bolt. Some poor unsuspecting soul is going to find
    theyself in the Bob, the slyest humor around.
    Sometimes takes 20, 30, 40 years to get the joke.

  9. I think it’s just a bit of fun-mind you Im not a fan of Lennon the person, like his music tho.

  10. Salad of a Thin Man

    game, fame, dame, brain, duh, lame.

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