Bob still has it…o2 Arena, Dublin May 5th

Yes, it was a great show in theory. Bob was in excellant voice, but the mostly unrecognisable arrangements of nearly all of the songs was enough to say that Bob still has it—the ability to piss people off!!!

He did a wonderful version of Aint Talkin. &  Like A Rolling Stone got the crowd moving, but overall although the venue was absolutely packed out, the audience itself was boring. (The only people I saw smiling were the loved up middle-aged couples)

Maybe if he’d just said ‘Hello Dublin’ or something to connect with the audience. However, Im glad I got a front row standing position. It was great to finally see Bob up close! There’s something unreal about seeing the current Bob in his red shirt, black suit (with a stripe down the trouser legs) and grey hat with a tiny feather in, but it’s worth the admission price and then some, you can glean the young Dylan still.

Highlights-Aint Talkin, Dont Think Twice, Just Like A Woman, Stuck Inside of Mobile, Masters of War and Bob smiling to himself when everyone sang along to Like A Rolling Stone.

Lowlights-A youngish guy who said loudly, “Im going to go backstage and ….him for not playing Hurricane” (duh)

Another view of the gig-“Bob had obviously made a Robert Johnson-like pact with the Devil to be able to perform like this”  from the seats-by Barry EganBob Said Not A Word, But Still He Spoke



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  2. glad you got to go; remember, ‘Behind Here Lies Nothin;’ — I’ll look on the web site in a bit, but how many songs from TTL did he play?

  3. He did “If You Ever Go To Houston” from Together Through Life-I was very happy to be there-I just thought compared to the gig I was at last in Kilkenny, it hadnt got that excitement for me-BUT I was so near the stage I got to see Bob up real close!!! I wont forget that.

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