Chris De Burgh covers Corrina, Corrina and All Along The Watchtower on his new CD, Footsteps-but are they any good? It is Chris De Burgh after all!



  1. Irish Dylan

    Has anyone got any info on an original Multi-Track Master Tape going on sale in America of Dylan’s 1969 “Lay, Lady Lay”? Apparently, some studio in New York have listed this Master Tape of Dylan’s recording for sale on e-Bay. Can anyone find any info on this??? I’d be really keen to get a hold of this Tape as it’s a collectible – PLUS, it’s supposed to have been a recording that wasn’t ever released or used in the final album and supposedly contains songs or jamming sessions of Dylan and his musicians that day and a lot of banter with the producer and the bans. If this hasn’t ever been released, one could buy it and take it to a Record Label and have it released!!!! Is this true? How can I find out more?

  2. Hiya, see new post on this very subject, & thanks for the heads up!

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