Is Bob Dylan playing O2 arena in Spring ’09???

Expecting Rain’s front page had a story a few days ago (October 9) that promoter Harry Crosbie claimed that Dylan will be visiting us in Ireland for a date at the 02 Arena in Spring!!!  If Harry Crosbie said it, it has to be gospel-Yes, yes, yes and about time-

Btw, O2 Arena=Point Depot


  1. Anonymous

    ya harry was on “the last broadcast” & said they would be announcing date soon. Brill!!!

  2. thanks for letting me know-woo woo!!!

  3. dave

    confirmed…02 arena 25th april 2009.
    hope this helps

  4. Paul

    Any idea how much the tickets will be?

  5. Hi guys, see most recent post on the blog, Dec 3rd, the gig is on May 5 2009, & the tickets are from 50euro (ish) to 70 euro

  6. Frankie Lee

    I bought my tickets last weekend!!!! YES!!

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