Suze on Dylan

Check out this interview with Suze Rotolo in The Guardian, following the publication this year of her bewitching book, A Freewheelin Time.

In one of her book’s many memorable phrases, she describes Dylan as “a beacon and a black hole”. “He had this intensity about him, and you got sucked in,” she says. “I certainly felt that, as his girlfriend, I disappeared and became a nonentity. Even if he didn’t see me that way, that’s what happened. That was always a struggle.

“There are people who say that he was not a good guy – he was manipulative, he was this, that and the other. I tend to see it as, you are what you are. He could be a shit, like anybody else. But a lot of it had to do with being given permission to say and do whatever you wanted, because nobody was in a position to tell you no. Everybody’s yessing you, and everybody wants a piece of you. So what do you do?”

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