Are you looking for Tell Tale Signs?

“The two-CD, 27-song set, out Oct. 7, contains previously unreleased studio recordings, demos, alternate takes, live tracks and rarities spanning 1989 to 2006, a rich period that generated the lauded Time Out of Mind, Love and Theft, Modern Times and Oh Mercy. A third 12-track disc is part of a limited-edition deluxe set in a hardcover slipcase with a book with photos of all of Dylan’s singles. The 27-song version also will be issued in a limited-edition four-LP set.” (



  1. Linda

    Can’t wait to get one! I’ve been addycted(sp) to Dylan for decades! I read somewhere recently that only 5,000 copies of his first album were sold. Well, I bought one of them! I first saw him in concert in 1963 at Carnegie Hall in NYC and heard my first electric concert in Central City, CO, the summer of ’69. This one was very interesting as there was a lot of booing when he switched from the first half’s acoustic presentation to the electrified-with-band second hand half. Personally, I was embarrassed by the audience reaction. After all, I was more than thrilled just to be there…and it was DYLAN!!! I last got to see him a few years ago at the Stockton Arena. We all wanted to be there this time and he was wonderful without a guitar at all! LONG LIVE THE MASTER! πŸ™‚

  2. Linda

    Oops! I was trying to add something to my prior post but away it went! I just wanted to add that despite the initially unwelcome response to Dylan’s electrically amplified musical conversion, when the concert ended he was lauded with an extremely enthusiastic standing ovation. I’m sure he was thinking, ‘I told you so!”
    Linda πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for sharing your memories-do you still have the Bob Dylan
    LP you bought way back then?

  4. Wow–I haven’t even heard of this–need to start paying attention…it’s not a UK only release is it?

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