Suze Rotolo-not just a minor character!

From a thoughtful, definitive review of A Freewheelin Time by Stephanie Zacharek (

“April 26, 2008 | Face it: The art — or is it more of a science? — of dissecting Bob Dylan is a man’s game. Most of the Dylan scholars (both the smart and the lame ones), the rock critics who have collectively spent several lifetimes wrestling with his lyrics, the civilian gasbags who hold forth at dinner parties whenever his name is even mentioned, are men. I used to have an officemate who, whenever he wanted to take a break from doing actual work (which was shockingly often), would march into my office singing some random Dylan lyric and challenge me to name which song it came from. I know women who love Dylan’s music as much as anyone else does, but I’ve never met one who felt the need to be a walking, talking sack of trivia.

So whether she knows it or not — and I suspect she does — Suze Rotolo has taken something of a risk in writing a memoir of the time she spent in the early ’60s as the girlfriend of the Great Man. There are going to be people out there who think she’s just cashing in on her role as a handmaiden to genius. But “A Freewheelin’ Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties” is only partly about Dylan. Rotolo has written a perceptive, entertaining and often touching book about a remarkable era in recent American cultural history, about a way of living, of making art, that couldn’t have happened at any other time or in any other place.”

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  1. jayjak

    I love Dylan but I disagree with anyone who thinks she should NOT have wrote her book.Last time I checked we lived in America.Secondly the thing Dylan hates more is obssessed fans idealizing him.

    I’m glad she wrote ‘her’ book!

    JayJak(huge Dylan fan!)

  2. Last time I checked I live in Ireland! I dont think anyone was saying Suze shouldnt have written the book. Im glad she wrote her book too.

  3. jayjak

    if you check some ‘other’ Dylan sites there was alot of angry Dylan fans that thought she should not have written her book.They said she only wants to make $ off of him.I don’t think Dylan would give a damn one way or another and his fans should take a queue from him.

  4. Yeah I agree. I dont think it’s anyone’s business whether she wrote her book or not, it’s her story after all. The whole point is that she has every right to have her say.

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