Bob Dylan: Through The Eyes Of Joe Alper

The new Dylan photo book by George Alper (son of Joe) is available now for preview and purchase.

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Special thanks to George Alper for allowing Visions of Dylan to use the photo of Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo from the book, now in the GALLERY pix of Dylan’s Girlfriends.



  1. Dave Adams

    Congratulations George.

  2. james franey

    I ordered and paid for the special edition of this book at the tail end of 2007. Despite some promises from George Alper some months ago, and numerous e-mails and phone messages to him since, no book has been received. Beware!

  3. Robert Kavanagh

    I ordered both editions of the book and my credit card was charged accordingly. I received the standard edition of the book in September 2008, but – like James Franey – I am still awaiting delivery of the special edition.

  4. james franey

    Hi, Just an up-date re: the Alper book. I have left comments on George Alper’s site stating my dissatisfaction as to his lack of contact and his refusal (inability?) to refund my $250. Unbelievably my comments have been deleted twice! I know other people in the same position. Does anyone know where Alper is?

  5. This sounds serious-I would suggest trying to get your money back, through legal means. $250 is a lot of money to lose like that.

  6. Robert Kavanagh

    Like Mr. Franey, I am still awaiting delivery of the special edition of the book.

  7. james franey

    Just to let everyone know, Alper has amended his selling site to exclude ‘Guest Book’ – ie the part which contains criticism of his practice to take money for his book, not deliver it and not give a refund. Beware!

  8. Bets

    I too am out $250…. no answers to email inquiries, etc. This is the first time I’ve ever been scammed by buying anything on line…. what a rip…

  9. Renaud Depierreux

    I am just like you all (hi James!). I ordered the Deluxe edition in August 2008 and paid $250 and I have never received the book and have not heard from this thief since July. What a shame! As Bets says, it is the first time I have been so shamefully ripped off on line. I contacted my credit account company in January but they refuse to refund me given that the 3 month delay has elapsed. Since then I have contacted a consumer protection association but it looks like I will never see my $250 again.
    Regards from Belgium,

  10. james franey

    If you Google ‘expecting rain joe alper’ it takes you to a discussion board re: this wretched book. Amazingly it appears the regular edition is on sale in ‘Coffee Buzz’ , Phoenix, which is also exhibiting the photographs. Has George Alper any shame? (Hi Renaud!).

  11. Why dont the ripped-off parties get together and take some action? You can only get away with something (this scam) if you’re allowed.

    • Renaud Depierreux

      Hi there,
      Big news! Last month (in June), I got a refund from my credit cart company, the US$250 I had paid last year. Don’t ask my why or how, I just don’t know! I hope it was the same for all you, my friends!
      Regards from Belgium,

  12. That’s great to hear, Renaud! Anyone else get their money back?

  13. james franey

    Hi Renaud, Good news indeed! I have heard nothing so I am still $250 out of pocket but if Alper is doing the decent thing ………who knows? Regards, James.

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