I’m Not There on Studio 360 from New York City

From Ben: Greetings from Studio 360, Public Radio International’s Peabody Award-winning, nationally syndicated weekly show about creativity, pop culture and the arts, hosted by Kurt Andersen.

We thought you might be interested in this weekend’s segment (live November 23) about “I’m Not There” – here’s a quick description:

Bob Dylan has spent a lifetime concocting the mythology of Bob Dylan. Now the filmmaker Todd Haynes is adding another layer. In I’m Not There he splits Dylan into six different characters, played by six different actors. Haynes told Kurt Andersen it was the only way to tackle Dylan (and Dylan himself agrees).

Also on the November 23 show: Idaho songwriter Josh Ritter says the “Nashville Skyline”-era Dylan set him on his own musical path. Visit us on the web at www.studio360.org to find station listings, browse our archives or just listen to the show. The show can also be heard as a podcast or purchased from audible.com.

Check out the American Icons page on studio360’s website.

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