Dylan No. 10, Bruce No. 1…

I just saw the very first ad for Dylan 07 on TV yesterday evening with lots of video and pix of beautiful Bob circa 1965/66. I was on the phone and said “Stop, Dylan’s on! (I’m sorry but) everything stops for Dylan!” Great ad.

The UK Mirror’s Music chart for today has Bob Dylan at No.10 in the album charts with “Dylan” and Springsteen at No.1 with “Magic.”


1 (N) Magic – Bruce Springsteen

2 (N) Pictures – Katie Melua

3 (1) Echoes Silence Patience & Grace – Foo Fighters

4 (2) All The Lost Souls – James Blunt

5 (N) Shotter’s Nation – Baby shambles

6 (3) Back To Black – Amy Winehouse

7 (N) Songs Of Mass Destruction – Annie Lennox

8 (8) Hits – Phil Collins

9 (5) Graduation – Kanye West

10 (N) Dylan – Bob Dylan

N=new release

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