Modern Times-Bob Dylan and Charlie Chaplin

BP Fallon and Bob Dylan-Slane 1984bpandbob84.jpg

So the ol’ Zim hits No 1 in America and Ireland and all over this battered planet.
Saw him play north of New York at Dutchess Stadium the other night.Resemblng a wizened riverboat gambler with a dodgy pencil moustache who’s seen one too many mornings, the voice of our regeneration is croaky like an old crow as he stretches the words, rolls ’em around, strangulates ’em and spits them out…the mic’s too far forward over his keyboards and he leans into it, delivers a line and then leans back, a wry twitch on his lips that almost approximates a smile.Poetry emotion, he’s tender and tough and forever young in his wrinkled tortoise skin.And Bob Dylan has Charlie Chaplin in him too and now the two magnificent magicians meet beyond the horizon behind the sun at the end of the rainbow…

Postscript written Sept 12: Well, since I put these words up they’ve taken that vid down off YouTube so no mo’ Bob from Modern Times poignantly soundtracking the visual of Charlie and Claudette Colbert in Modern Times.

So here’s to Zimmy and here’s to Charlie and here’s to you.

BP Fallon
*Reproduced with the kind permission of BP Fallon.

Check out the rock stars at Home Of Death Disco New York-
BP @ myspace


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