Bob Dylan delivers a whompin’ good time

“THIS had to have been the quietest gathering of 10,000 people in music history.

Yet, rather than detract from the occasion, the sense of hushed reverence that greeted Bob Dylan’s two hour performance at the Burswood Dome (August 23) enhanced a very special night.

For the first hour and three quarters only one person got out of their seat. This misguided youngster clambered on to the stage, looking like he was going to head towards the star.

Before getting both feet on deck he was grabbed by security and unceremoniously tossed back into the darkness. Curiously, this one man stage storming happened during Spirit On The Water, the song that exemplified the audience the 66 year old Dylan had attracted.

“You think I’m over the hill,” sang Dylan in a warm croak that was surprisingly strong. “”No,” was the stage whisper response. “”You think I’m past my prime?” he questioned.”

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