Is there going to be a sequel to No Direction Home?


News about a sequel to No Direction Home has been leaked in an interview with the Kettle of Fish’s owner in New York.In an article about the relocation of the Kettle of Fish club-where Bob Dylan played in the 60s-current owner Patrick Daley mentions a new PBS documentary, a follow-up to No Direction Home.

From the article:

“Among New Yorkers, however, the Kettle is still more famous for its past connections than for its current owner’s sports preferences. It remains a piece of Greenwich Village history.”

“Oh absolutely,” says Daley. “Kerouac, Dylan. We’re in Dylan’s autobiography. In fact, there’s a gal who’s doing a PBS Documentary, following up the last documentary on Dylan, and she is going to do some interviews in here over a couple of weeks.”

The Kettle of Fish is now located at Christopher St, Greenwich Village, NY. Read more?

Rolling Stone’s rocknrolldaily

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