Travelling Wilburys Collection is out on Monday…

The Collected Wilburys output (Vols 1 and 3) have been put together to create the Travelling Wilburys Collection, which is out here on Monday and in the U.S. on Tuesday June 12.
The Travelling Wilburys were an impromptu band set up in the late 80s by Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne. Said George Harrison about the group,

“The thing about the Wilburys for me is — if we’d tried to plan it, or if anybody had said, let’s form this band and get these people in it — it would never happen, it’s impossible. It happened completely, just by magic, just by circumstance. Maybe there was a full moon that night or something like that. It was quite a magical little thing really.”

Travelling Wilburys Collection Listening Party!

Listen to the tracklist, including 1. Handle With Care, 2. Dirty World, 3. Rattled, 4. Last Night, 5. Not Alone Anymore, 6. Congratulations, 7. Heading For The Light, 8. Margarita, 9. Tweeter And The Monkey Man, 10. End Of The Light.

Look out for Dylan’s featured vocals on the funny Dirty World and deeper sentiments in Congratulations. In the group Dylan was Lucky Wilbury (later changed to Boo Wilbury).

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