Essentially Bob Dylan

*****Bob Dylan The Essential Interviews is just that, an essential book for any Dylan fan. From it’s striking cover to the wide range of interviews stocked within, I’ve been reading this book with great interest. Mainly, its because of the quality of the thirty-three interviews presented, most particularly those with Rolling Stone itself (the ones from 1978 to 1984 are revealing) and other gems like Robert Shelton’s 1966 interview with Bob and the full transcript of the San Francisco Press Conference of 1965(seen on DVD No Direction Home, Bob at his most oblique and funny,with those ‘viper eyes’ appearing when he’s trying to hide his real opinions or irritation)
The interviews get more revealing, of course as the years go on-he’s stunningly intelligent is Mr. Dylan-and are a joy to read. I would have like to have seen a few pages of photos and I didn’t even notice the ‘tidbit ‘on John Lennon promised in the press release.
If there was something on The Beatles I would have preferred if it was on George Harrison and Bob’s friendship, though.

Recommended totally. Special thanks to Wenner Media for the review copy.

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