Turin & Milan gig reviews


Torino, April 26

So this was my first ever Dylan show, in my whole life. I went to the show with tons of expectations…. and wasn’t disappointed afterwards. How often does that happen ?
The song selection was great, but never having heard any tune live aside from CD or DVD recordings.I’m one of the few who are happy with anything delivered. The more outstanding songs of that evening, for me, were:

It’s Alright Ma ….. what an exceptional arrangement. Plus it had Bob on guitar and his voice was simply perfect too.
Spirit On The Water …. this particular song stood out for me, cuz of Bob’s intonation when he sang the lines – You think I’m over the hill, you think I’m past my prime, let me see what you got, we can have a whoppin’ good time – he sang it so meaningful and like having a whopping good time right at that moment.

My Back Pages …. a great song, great arrangment.

High water ….. great tune again, i liked the rendition.

Highway 61 Revisited … superb uptempo arrangment. playing this song got everybody around me in an instant dancing mood, me included.

Blowin’ in the Wind … one of the few songs I can play on the guitar, so it was great to hear it live by someone who knows how to play. Interesting rendition as well.

All the other songs were great too and my first Dylan show will stay as an unforgettable evening in my memory. Some of the fans I talked to, told me that the sound has been bad up front, as I only could get a seating ticket I can’t confirm that. The sound throughout the show was good and strong, the singing could be well understood, no complaints from my side. Exept that I wished for a better sight, the stage was rather small from back there.

Milano, April 27

Having travelled through half Europe for Bob Dylan it was just natural that I picked a second show once the venues are this close to each other. The big plus the Milano show had over Torino was that I’ve had a general admission ticket and luckily made it to the second row. Which meant perfect sight and Mr. Dylan close up. Yesss !
Hearing It’s Alright Ma a second time only made it better. The arrangments to this song are simply brilliant. I was more than happy that he chose to play Desolation Row and Most Likely You Go Your Way, one of my all time favorite songs, on this show.
Like in Milano, the singing was good, there maybe could have been a little more harp playing, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides being regaled with beautiful music, I also had the chance to meet some very nice and funny fans from seemingly all over the globe: austria, germany, the united states, italy, slovenia. We never exchanged names but I hope to meet some of them again at future shows !

Thanks to Leese.

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