Dylan’s Irish Music Repetoire

Dylan’s Irish Repetoire

*Arthur McBride:

Featured on the album Good As I Been To You (1992). It was adapted by Dylan from Paul Brady’s version of the song on the seventies album “Andy Irvine and Paul Brady” It was collected by Patrick Joyce in 1840s.

*Crazy Love:

From Van Morrison album Moondance (1970). Performed with Van in BBC documentary One Irish Rover.(1989)

*Eileen Aroon:

(Trad) Composed by 14th century harper Cearbhaill O’Dalaigh.
English version by Gerald Griffin.

*Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye:

Learnt from Clancy Brothers.As heard on NDH. (Trad) Anti-war song from 19th century.

*One Irish Rover:

From Van Morrison album No Guru, No Method, No Teacher(1986)

*The Roving Blade:

(Trad) Called Newlyn Town on Dylan bootleg. Article-Judas 15.

*The Lakes Of Pontchartrain:

(Trad) Probably taken from Paul Brady version on Welcome Here, Kind Stranger.

*The Oul Triangle:

Known to Dylan as The Royal Canal, Irish call it “Oul Triangle”. By Irish playwright Brendan Behan.

*Wild Mountain Thyme:

Also known as “Will You Go Lassie, Go”.From Northern Ireland, popularised by McPeake Family in 1950s.

I Pity The Poor Immigrant-(John Wesley Harding) is based on the trad air The Hills of Donegal.


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