Poor Little Rich Girl…

Having just seen Theedies1.jpg Factory Girl over the weekend, I realized (again) you cant always rely on critics for their opinions. It’s quite a powerful, sad film, with Andy Warhol as played by Guy Pearce, an interesting but ultimately awful character and Danny/Billy Quinn (who knows which name they settled on for the character because he’s never named in the movie-but he’s supposed to be Bob Dylan) as played by Hayden Christensen, a starry object of admiration, who knows how much he can get away with. Yeah, the Dylan character is more sympathetic than Warhol, but you still feel both of them are using Edie, as told in this story.

With The Factory sychophants being as hard as nails and merciless, the moral of the story is never let anyone stick a needle in your derriere in a warehouse. You know they’ll betray you later on.

About the threatened court case. Actually maybe Bob never had anything to worry about. A couple behind me leaving the cinema couldnt make out who the “folk singer” was. (After all that publicity!)


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