New Dylan book due out in June

nybd.jpgBob Dylan: Intimate Insights From Friends And Fellow Musicians (Omnibus Press)

Oh, no not another book about Bob Dylan! Er, well yes it is. And any book on Bob Dylan is always welcome, it just intensifies the mystery. Kathleen McKay (a life-long friend of vampire novelist Anne Rice) has rounded up the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bono, Pete Seeger and Roseanne Cash, along with comments from the Beatles and The Band to provide some relevatory insights (according to Rolling Stone’s Ben Fong-Torres) into Dylan. Great, I’m looking forward to reading this. But I’ll probably remain feeling that I know Dylan, while not knowing him at all.
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  1. I love Dylan’s music but am always skeptical when I hear there is another article or book out on him. He knows the game and so you can’t really ever know him. Plus, I am tired of articles and other writings that talk about him in such a messianic light that its hard to get to any real grit. I am sure someone like you with this kind of dedication knows the good stuff from the trite bs. Any suggestions on what is good reads and what sucks?

  2. Hi Jason,

    For more no holds barred stuff I’d try Behind The Shades (the updated version) by Clinton Heylin and Down The Highway by Howard Sounes, also the Paul Scaduto book Bob Dylan is good, but it’s only up to 1970. Oh and The Rough Guide goes into Dylan’s alleged heroin use-in the mid sixties.

  3. Thanks I’ll check these out.

  4. I’ve just read “Dylan’ by Bob Spitz. He doesnt flatter Dylan and seems
    to be trying to present a true picture. It only covers up to the end of the
    eighties, but is an intriquing read.

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